"I like it more when we fuck." -Spongebob

Spongebob Squarepanties and Patrick P. Star are an angry homosexual couple who won't bother to commit because during the day, they're so caught up in fighting over every minuscule thing, and during the night, they're doing BDSM roleplay.

Spongebob Edit

Spongebob is very flamboyant and sassy, always having a bone to pick with everyone who tells him to do something. Yeah, and he's also impatient and a daily watcher of straight porn.

Patrick Edit

Patrick is a more no-nonsense type of person. He's usually seen bossing Spongebob around in a frank matter and criticizing Spongebob's childish sense of humour, and at home, he gets mad at Spongebob for watching straight porn and not gay porn.

Bio Edit

Spongebob and Patrick used to only be acquaintances that teamed up to cuck Squidward's now single wife. That was until they went to Star Road to cuck his wife once again, who was taking Squidward on vacation. But legend says that anyone who comes out of Star Road without a Franklin Badge will become gay. Now, Squidward and his wife had Franklin Badges. Spongebob and Patrick did not.