Le Spatula is a French-accented robot spatula who works as the head chef in the cafeteria at the Arena. He is extremely rude, abrasive, and pompous towards the tribes, and will severely criticize anyone who orders fast food, as he prefers to only cook the "fanciest of Europeon cuisine". He looks down on Americans and their eating customs, calling American food "disgusting greasy slop" and Americans a bunch of "gluttonous, uncultured pigs".

Despite being an electronic device, he suffers from crippling depression and self-esteem issues, and has hired personal cheerleaders to continuously suck up to him and help keep him on his feet.

Role in LIWK Edit

Out of all the chefs, Le Spatula is the most prominant due to being the head chef, and causes the most trouble for the tribes when they are in the cafeteria.