Chimecho is one of the workers in the Arena. She works as a chef in the cafeteria.

Bio Edit

Just like Le Spatula and Mr. Rude, Chimecho is anything but nice when working as a chef. She is snobby and egotistical, and can't take any criticism at all, even if it's constructive. She think she's the greatest chef in the world, even better than Gordon Ramsey, despite the fact that her cooking is sub-par. In fact, she even insulted Mr. Ramsey once for criticizing her cooking (albeit he was much more lenient with her).

Her nationality is unknown. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what her origin is, as her accent tends to fluctuate. Most of the time, her accent sounds like an inexplicable combination of French, Italian, German, Spanish, Jamaican, Swedish, Russian, and Japanese. She did originally lived in Japan working for Wigglytuff's Guild, though moved to the United States to share her cooking to a wider demographic (though she hates Americans).